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Ensure maximum LPG vaporization with the cost-effective and compact Dri Electric Vapourizer by ALGE, an ISO-certified manufacturer. Upgrade hotels, bakeries or kitchens using Dri Electric Vapourizer ’s innovative technology based on direct heating principles.

Dri Electric Vapourizer

From the most trusted & ISO certified vaporizer manufacturer Dri Electric Vapourizer – a dry electrical vaporiser smart, compact & elegant design Runs on innovative technology using the principle of direct heating

Main purpose of making Dri Electric Vapourizer is to provide more LPG vaporization at very compact size and affordable price. This is achieved by aluminum body and self regulating heaters. Dri Electric Vapourizer is the ideal solution for the small commercial food vendors, kitchen, hotels and food stalls.

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American Liquified Gas Equipment (ALGE) is a trusted, ISO-certified manufacturer of the compact dry electrical vaporizer, Dri Electric Vapourizer . ALGE identified the need of a cost-effective LPG vaporization solution that doesn’t require water or thermostat.

Based on the principles of direct heating, Dri Electric Vapourizer ’s innovative technology was developed to provide a reliable LPG vaporization solution in an affordable manner.

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